Friday, April 12, 2013

in the mail

I'm not gonna lie, I celebrated my birthday for the past month. I have more than a few thank you notes to send out to the thoughtful people in my world that helped make it memorable. I figure if you're gonna have a birthday, you may as well celebrate it, right? Here's some lovely snail mail gratitude:
lovely colors in this geometric/tribal pattern from shawnax

fantastic Chicago illustration notecards from Albertine Press, bought at Greer Chicago (a store filled with more stationery lovliness than you can imagine).

thanks a bunch letter press note from egg press

yellow pattern letter press note from egg press

organic modern art wood cut note cards from Bryan Nash Gill.

Ok this might be my favorite part, I like addressing & decorating the envelope. 
Especially when I have new washi tape to play with!

yes, i still send snail mail & love it...


  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying visiting. I too enjoy sending snail mail!!

  2. Hi Wendy! Thanks for checking it out, I appreciate you letting me know. Hope your enjoying a lovely weekend.