Friday, August 30, 2013

in the mail

A sweet thank you from egg press.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a favorite to share: my walit

I have owned this great little wallet and realized not only is it bright & easy to find in my bottomless purse but it's also functional & practical. All things we need it our daily life. For a wallet I will admit it is on the pricey side but this is one of those accessories you will use forever. MyWalit is impeccably made, the leather is beautiful, & did I mention the functionality- all the pockets & zippers just make sense.

Breast Pocket Wallet | Credit Card Holder with Plastic Insert | Matinee Purse with Credit Card Holder

all photos kindly borrowed from

Monday, August 26, 2013

kiddo corner: janod magneti'stick

It seems like every little girl is crazy over princesses. So it was time to find a birthday gift for a little princess. This is so out of my element - I was play in the dirt kind of kid & don't remember my pink princess phase. Plus it seems like every little girl has every Disney princess toy, costume & craft. I wasn't sure what I would find in my quest for this little princess until I found this...and I thought I would have totally wanted this (& I'm not ashamed to say I would love to play with it now!).

This is a large wall decal with 30 add-on magnetic stickers to play with. It is created by the French company, Janod. The illustrations are so cute down to the little gnomes. It's pink but done in these bold non-traditional princess colors. I bought mine at the best little toy store in the neighborhood, Timeless Toys. You can also find it here.
Janod also carries a large world map with over 100 magnetic stickers and a racing version with 12 magnetic stickers.

Friday, August 23, 2013

in the mail

My mailbox has been begging me for some mail, time to send some sweet notes to some sweet people!
This card from Wiley Valentine makes me laugh...there is nothing like a rooster to say "thinking of you"?! I love it!
Just a simple lined note card with a monogram "j" plus this pretty awesome envelope. This is an old-school design from a. favorite design.
Pencil thank you note from One Canoe Two.
Handmade A-team comic book envelope & card. A friend made me a set of these years ago, and every once in a while I have to mail one out. Love them!

...yes, i still send snail mail & love it!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

sweet home chicago

It's good to be home!
I heart Chicago hand embroidered wall art from White Nest $30 | Vintage Chicago map with embroidered heart from Refashioned $17 | Anatomical I heart Chicago from Dark City Island $14 | I heart Illinois from Nidification $40

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

hell yeah summer! 3rd stop: the mitten state

Summer continues with some good ol' fashion nature by the lake in Newaygo, Michigan.
A peaceful, serene backyard filled with sunshine. A carpet of fluffy greenery. A meteor shower enhanced by this awesome app called Skyview-see this Skyview youtube about it.
We stopped by the Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI. Lots of tasty brews.
Yes, this chapel is a brewery, Vivant Brewery resides here. A beautiful setting to enjoy Belgium brews.
Estate sales, flea market, antique malls, rummage sales, oh my! So much look at...too much to bring home. My favorite find were these zebra prints from the late 1800's.

love ya Michigan, thanks for the fun!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hell yeah summer! 2nd stop: Vegas Baby

Only Vegas has the crazy, tacky carpet I kinda love. Here's my own little casino tour by floor...

 Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan- definitely worth having a drink here.

 The glowing Vegas nightlife from a rooftop.

Good ol' downtown Vegas.

hell yeah summer! first stop Atlanta, Georgia

I took some time, walked away from the computer and enjoyed some summer. I've had some great lil' getaways, relaxing down time & lovely weather. Chicago is so vibrant in the summer- the beach, all the neighbors getting to know each other again & fun patio eateries but ya gotta love the gems you find in other cities.
I had the pleasure of checking out the Atlanta Gift Show. Any trade show is major overload but there was so much beautiful stuff, especially jewelry at this show. I didn't get to the enjoy the city but I did get to eat some Atlanta favorites.
The original throw-back drive-in. This place was right out of the 50's and the food hit the spot. Opened in 1928, The Varsity is the World's largest drive-in.

Dinner at Empire State South. A simply delicious end to a long day, everything I ate here was amazing from the first drink to the last little sweet bite. Plus very cool rustic southern decor & a bocce court outside. (charred octopus photo above, yum!)

A memorable line & a memorable artisan from the show: Ornamental Things by Natalie Tishler: Austin, Texas. All her work has a vintage feel, distinct look & an affordable price.

Handcrafted soap by Rinse: Monroe, Georgia. Rinse creates soap in every natural, delicious scent you can think of plus a beer soap 6 pack. The line is fresh, simple and natural.

Bold, bright jewelry made from orange peel & natural materials by Calamarie: Miami, Florida. The vibrant colors of this line stood out next to everything at the show. It's hard to believe these were once orange peels, they look & feel like leather.

Classy, masculine, authentic nostalgia by Tokens & Icons: Berkley, California. You can find a special gift for any guy in your life in this line. They reuse everything from sports uniforms to fountain pens, to subway tokens, to tennis rackets to create these fun, unique pieces.

All images kindly borrowed from the respective websites of the lines mentioned.