Monday, August 26, 2013

kiddo corner: janod magneti'stick

It seems like every little girl is crazy over princesses. So it was time to find a birthday gift for a little princess. This is so out of my element - I was play in the dirt kind of kid & don't remember my pink princess phase. Plus it seems like every little girl has every Disney princess toy, costume & craft. I wasn't sure what I would find in my quest for this little princess until I found this...and I thought I would have totally wanted this (& I'm not ashamed to say I would love to play with it now!).

This is a large wall decal with 30 add-on magnetic stickers to play with. It is created by the French company, Janod. The illustrations are so cute down to the little gnomes. It's pink but done in these bold non-traditional princess colors. I bought mine at the best little toy store in the neighborhood, Timeless Toys. You can also find it here.
Janod also carries a large world map with over 100 magnetic stickers and a racing version with 12 magnetic stickers.

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