Wednesday, April 25, 2012

inspired to wrap

These lovely papers from  
Kate & Birdie Paper Company
make we want to wrap some
presents! They are so sweet and
great for every occasion plus no
one else will have the same
hedgehog paper, your gift will
certainly be memorable and cute!  
Circus, Hedgehogs and Brownstone 
Doors are just a few of these fun papers.
Check out the website and her blog
for more

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

color love today...

OK, cake is not my thing but I am in love with this cake. I love the colors, in fact I was working with similar colors last night...must be why I am so drawn to this. Also, the chevron zig zag is always a favorite pattern of mine, it's simple, classic and the color makes all the difference. Who knew cake could be so cool?

Cake & photo from Carrie Sellman, The Cake Blog.
Found on the dingbat press blog:

Monday, April 23, 2012

isn't it always hat weather?

These hats are from Christy's Crown Series and can be found on I have owned a few of their wintery wool fedoras which I am a huge fan of but I am now in love with the new fedoras and paper girl hats. So cute, you can wear them with anything and I personally think they can look good on everyone, you just need to find the right one.

Monday, April 16, 2012

a little chicago love today

I was out of town this weekend and missed a beautiful Chicago weekend. This morning is windy and rainy and well I couldn't help but think how much a love a sunny & warm day in Chicago so i thought I'd focus on some great Chicago themed wares.
1. My Kind of Town Card by a.favorite design: I have this hanging on my wall, I love this print!
2. Chicago Star pillows from diffraction fiber on etsy: love these & love the pop of red for some color on your couch
3. Joe Corte Card from Four Sided Shop ( Sweet Chicago, 
I would love to hang this one and add to the Chicago theme.
4. Chicago Buttons from kickinitlikeagiraffe on etsy: Ya gotta love a chicago pin, add it to your hoody, tote bag or purse.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

cufflink crush?

Lately I have found myself enamored with cuff links. Trying to think who can I get these for? Who would wear these bullet cuff links that I know? Well I would!  Now I love to accessorize but I just don't know why more guys (& girls) aren't sportin' the cuff links. There is something for every style from quirky, creative to tough & sporty. I might have to start my own little cuff link collection

Ace Card cuff links: crimsonking etsy store
Mac Power Button cuff links: keyedup etsy store
Vintage Art Deco cuff links: justsparkles etsy store
Bullet cuff links: bulletcufflinks etsy store
Baseball Stitching cuff links: asgarddesigns etsy store  
Abstract Red (made from skateboards) cuff links: igotboard etsy store  

sweet soda
This is the lovely Soda by Amy collection. Her wares are as sweet as she is. She makes such unique pieces but also there is something for everyone. I heart beer mug for your man, wedding date dish for the perfect wedding gift, porcelain house & evergreen trees to decorate, and the adorable peanut mug for a memorable kid's gift. All of these are great gifts to give but she also has everything from vases to jewelry that will be great just for you. Check out all her lovliness at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i relish in rebel

 This is where my Rebel love began.

check out
I received the turquoise three drop necklace as a gift. I just love it, it's simple, cool and great pop of I decided dive deeper into this lovely Rebel design. Well after a little looking I realized I'm a huge fan of this NYC line and didn't know it- I also have earrings and two bracelets. The style is distinct but there is so much variety, check out some of the new fabulous stuff in the line.
1. Leather Cuff: comes in several colors, great, casual everyday bracelet with tons of style.
2. Pyramid Necklace in shades of bonze: love, love it- dress it up, dress it down, this color matches everything!
3. Brass Leaflet Necklace: goes with everything, something to throw on daily.
4. Large Shoulder Bag: OMG they do purses too! The bags have a distinct, cool style. It's on the high end side but a great splurge no one else will have.
5. Link Bracelet: love the yellow for summer.
6. Leather Medallion Bracelet: I own this in brown leather, now I wish I had this color.
7. Crown Shape Necklace: The colors are just beautiful. This is such a unique piece I would love to give as a gift-hmmm maybe I will...
So, do you relish in Rebel too?

Monday, April 9, 2012

summer, why do you tease me?

Dear Summer,
My new silver Birkenstocks have been patiently waiting to be worn. I can't wait to break in my new comfy sandles. Every day the sun comes out, it looks like a beautiful summer day...but then it's 50 degrees, cold, windy and I need to wear lots of layers. Well I'm hoping this week you'll show up and bring us some warmth for more than a day. Summer, I miss you.

Kind Regards & totally my fault
for living in the midwest,
jaime (aka. stumble&relish)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

tote bag: practical & cool

I feel like I can never have enough carry-all bags...and well I find myself constantly
seeking out new ones. Here's a few I recently stumbled across, I am loving the colors
and the distinct styles of each.
1. from Angela Adams: Kenga Canvas Mailbag (I adore Angel Adams use of color and simple geometric patterning.)
2. from Amy Butler: Ginger Tote, bold but something you can wear with everything.
3. from Angela Adams:  Foxy recycled sail tote- Yes! this bag first sailed to exotic destinations and 
now is being reused to stylishly carry all your finds and necessities.

tea towels from skinny laminx

 I ran across these and just thought they were so cute and unique. I just love the artwork;
the adorable tea cups, the fun leafy green illustrations and the succulent pattern.
I would buy these for myself and for a gift. Skinny Laminx is out of South Africa,
check out all her beautiful designs:
 or shop at

abstract splash of blue

I am finding myself drawn to these more abstract patterns.
I love a splash of color, especially shades of blue.  
1. From Liberty of London, Harkness McNair: Inspired by vintage. 
2. From Liberty of London, Landis C. 
3. From Angela Adams, Borealis Area Rug.

wow, nike!

Nike has paired up with Liberty of London for this bright, fun collection this summer.
What a fun way to get inspired to work out! (or at least look like your inspired to workout).

Friday, April 6, 2012

etsy love

There are always so many great finds on etsy, I try to check it out as often as 
I can for gifts and great stuff I can't live without. Here's four that I am lovin.
1. Kraft tags from Rainydaycolors: simple and elegant, these could be used 
for any type of gift. She will even customize them. I think I need a set of plain 
ones to add to my gift wrapping selection.
2. lil' wool bowl from deboraBstudio: This is an adorable little bowl, great for 
jewelry or just to add to decor for a pop of color. And the color! I'm loving this 
minty green paired with brown.
3. Bicycle pub glasses from Vital: These bike graphics are great and I love all 
the colors together. They'd be great for a party so people know which bike is 
theirs instead of misplacing drinks!
4: Thank you card from PaperParsol: These bright thank you notes are good 
for any thank you occasion. I like to have great thank you notes on hand.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

tangerine makes me happy

So it is impossible for me to pick a favorite color, basically I like them all! At the moment tangerine around my house is making me smile. I know it's been a huge trend but I really didn't realize over time that I have some great pops of tangerine in every room, especially the kitchen.
From Left to right:
1. Bamboo kitchen utensil holder: from Target, it's huge and it's tangerine!
2. Kitchen Aid Mixer: After years of wanting one, I got this as a gift.
I thought I would never decide on a color but the tangerine just jumped out at me.
3. Angela Adam's postcard print: This came in a set of postcards. I have it hanging
on my office walls. Angela Adam's has this modern, geometric style that I can't
get enough of, I love the simplicity.
4. Bubble ring: I got this in Greece. I have seen plastic versions of it but nothing
quite like this one, it feels like ceramic but it's very durable and this ring is so easy
and comfortable to wear. I love throwing it on when I want a pop of color.
5. Good Karma: One of my favorite cards to give from a.favorite designs.
It's bright, sweet and great for so many occasions!
6. Tea Kettle: from Target, used daily and a great pop of color on the stove.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

oh so classy

Don't you love a good ol' mad men decanter? Well this is a more modern version. Sleek, cool and something different. I found these at one of my favorite boutique spots, Hazel. Well I couldn't live without it, I use this tall, slender one for wine or water. The wood ball is such an interesting touch. Check these and lots of great home goods at

Monday, April 2, 2012

a few of my favorite things...

Here are a few of my favorite things that I wear, use or admire daily:
1. This lamp is from White Attic: it's vintage inspired, modern feeling and definitely a great show piece.
2. My "Everyday" bracelet: I wear this when I don't want to think but must accessorize,   I bought this at Chi-town's Festa Italiana- there are always great finds at the local fests.
3. Quartz Ornamental NOLA ring: my favorite ring, goes with everything, got this in New Orleans, love, love
4. Grandma Stewart's Hand Painted Glass Bottle: My grandfather brought this back from Paris during the Korean war, it's got a great story and I love to have it as a piece of art.
5. Squasht Gold Corduroy Hat: another fest find, this hat goes with everything, is super cute on and has with-standed years of me wearing it.
6. Dick Blick Pencil Pens: these pens are awesome! I can't help but buy these everytime i'm in Dick Blick.
7. Frye Nail Head Brown Leather Shoes: These are my kind of heels.
8. My pooch, Wynston: What can I say he makes life interesting and look at that face!