Wednesday, April 4, 2012

tangerine makes me happy

So it is impossible for me to pick a favorite color, basically I like them all! At the moment tangerine around my house is making me smile. I know it's been a huge trend but I really didn't realize over time that I have some great pops of tangerine in every room, especially the kitchen.
From Left to right:
1. Bamboo kitchen utensil holder: from Target, it's huge and it's tangerine!
2. Kitchen Aid Mixer: After years of wanting one, I got this as a gift.
I thought I would never decide on a color but the tangerine just jumped out at me.
3. Angela Adam's postcard print: This came in a set of postcards. I have it hanging
on my office walls. Angela Adam's has this modern, geometric style that I can't
get enough of, I love the simplicity.
4. Bubble ring: I got this in Greece. I have seen plastic versions of it but nothing
quite like this one, it feels like ceramic but it's very durable and this ring is so easy
and comfortable to wear. I love throwing it on when I want a pop of color.
5. Good Karma: One of my favorite cards to give from a.favorite designs.
It's bright, sweet and great for so many occasions!
6. Tea Kettle: from Target, used daily and a great pop of color on the stove.

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