Monday, April 16, 2012

a little chicago love today

I was out of town this weekend and missed a beautiful Chicago weekend. This morning is windy and rainy and well I couldn't help but think how much a love a sunny & warm day in Chicago so i thought I'd focus on some great Chicago themed wares.
1. My Kind of Town Card by a.favorite design: I have this hanging on my wall, I love this print!
2. Chicago Star pillows from diffraction fiber on etsy: love these & love the pop of red for some color on your couch
3. Joe Corte Card from Four Sided Shop ( Sweet Chicago, 
I would love to hang this one and add to the Chicago theme.
4. Chicago Buttons from kickinitlikeagiraffe on etsy: Ya gotta love a chicago pin, add it to your hoody, tote bag or purse.

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