Tuesday, April 30, 2013

color love today

It finally feels like spring here, yeah! I have been enjoying all the gardens, flowers & trees come to life on my block. This is one of my favorites, these perfect beautiful white flowers against the gray branches. Enjoy some of the color outside today!

Friday, April 26, 2013

in the mail

I am sending off a little happiness today. This is my favorite letterpress postcard of the moment! The colors and details are great and wouldn't love to see this message in their mail box? Ya gotta love Hammerpress.
yes, i still send snail mail & love it...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

cuffs from The Base Project

I recently rediscovered this bracelet I had. A family friend brought it back from South Africa. It's got this very cool, rustic, geometric design carved into what used to be a plastic plumbing pipe. It's designed with texture and feels great to the touch. Best of all this piece will probably out last all my jewelry, I tend to be pretty hard on things I wear!
 I stumbled on this this cuff line that creates these same beautiful bracelets. The line is called The Base Project. Their artisans are local to Namibia. "Discarded plastic pipe is collected by local artisans, then hand-cut, carved and reformed into bracelets. Inspiration for the designs come from the wildlife, landscape, and rich tribal history of the region". Plus it supports the local communities The Base Project works with. I love the patterns and way the color transforms the plastic to look like a rich leather and wood.
photos kindly borrowed from The Base Project website, see all their beautiful photography here.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

law & order

I have to admit I am always intrigued and slightly excited to be the fly on the wall
in the court room. In honor of my jury duty today, I thought I'd check out
some little justice-inspired items to relish throughout my day.
Pin-up: The Verdict was Wow from Silvestro Media | Vintage Juror badges from Stack & Bundle
Wax seal justice symbol necklace from Pieces of II | 12 Angry Men retro print from Claudia Varosio | Antique 1890 French Honorable Juror medal from Mademoiselle Chipotte

All photos kindly borrowed from Silvestro Media, Stack & Bundle, Pieces of II, Claudia Varosio & Mademoiselle Chipotte.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

color love

I do love this rustic little wood arrow I stumbled on this past weekend! What a great spring color palette mossy greens, cement grays with a pop blue & orange. This lovely little art piece is from Michigan based Lichen & Moss.

Friday, April 19, 2013

in the mail

A flowery, fun baby congrats in the mail. One of the things I just love
about Wiley Valentine letterpress cards is all the details, the envelope is printed
to match and it's such a cute package to drop in the mail.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

etsy & lace

There is something really fresh about this re-purposed lace jewelry.
It's got a vintage feel yet modern edge to it.
Red lace pendant from Decoromana | Lace statement necklace from White Owl
Lacy oval pendant from The Whirlwind | Lace earrings from Decoromana

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

color love

I love this gold & aqua color combo especially on this Hammerpress postcard print.
Hmmm, who shall I mail this to? If you want this lovely postcard in your mail box I'll send it your way- comment first on this post and this happiness will find you!

Monday, April 15, 2013

a lovely lil' lady

Another flea market find, this beautiful lil' head vase. I call her Zelda. Isn't she she a gem? I love her pearl necklace & earrings paired with her deep green ensemble. She is a vase, I am going to fill her with some vintage hat pins. There is so much detail, I can't believe that back in the day these were sold at the five-and-dime stores!

Friday, April 12, 2013

in the mail

I'm not gonna lie, I celebrated my birthday for the past month. I have more than a few thank you notes to send out to the thoughtful people in my world that helped make it memorable. I figure if you're gonna have a birthday, you may as well celebrate it, right? Here's some lovely snail mail gratitude:
lovely colors in this geometric/tribal pattern from shawnax

fantastic Chicago illustration notecards from Albertine Press, bought at Greer Chicago (a store filled with more stationery lovliness than you can imagine).

thanks a bunch letter press note from egg press

yellow pattern letter press note from egg press

organic modern art wood cut note cards from Bryan Nash Gill.

Ok this might be my favorite part, I like addressing & decorating the envelope. 
Especially when I have new washi tape to play with!

yes, i still send snail mail & love it...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

oh, nancy drew

I was at a flea market this past weekend and stumbled across a set of these yellow spine beauty's. I passed them up but now I'm wishing I had snatched up one or two to read & covet. I once read all of the Nancy Drew books in my school library. I can't remember each mystery but for some reason "The Mystery of the 99 Steps" stands out...I guess I'll start there if I can find it. Check out all the fun Nancy Drew stuff out there:
Bookends from The Sleuth Shop | Two vintage blue Nancy Drew Books from Happy Home Collective | Pendant Illustration from "The Clue of the Dancing Puppet" from Larking | Match box party favors from Goddess Glass 10359 | Framed vintage Nancy Drew postcard from Susan's House of Cards | The Clue of the Broken Locket Journal from Cafe Press | Get a Clue Nancy Drew fabric bundle from The Quilt Barn | Fold & mail stationery from Amazon | Vintage Nancy Drew Books for So Verily Vintage

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

succulent color love

Oh what a little color will do on gray, rainy day! Succulents come in the best shades of green and I am in love with this pop of neon red cactus. Now let's hope I can keep them alive long enough to see them grow & show me know color!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few of my favorite things

A few things I am in love with right now:
1. Hammerpress Postcards: these are the thickest, most beautiful
    postcard art around and make a great snail mail treat for anyone.
2. J.Kelsch Necklace: Handmade, hammered metal necklace.
   This necklace is gold, silver & copper and it goes with everything.
3. Vintage Ampersand collection: I really love a good Ampersand, the older the better.
     I love them all together and hope to one have a grand collection in all shapes & sizes.
4. BIG druzy & gold ring: I bought this ring while visiting Palm Springs California.
    It's big, it's sparkly and I love to wear it.
5. Washi tape: It's no secret I have a thing for Washi tape. Hopefully I'll soon start a project
    to use all my favorites but for the time being I will be adorning all my mail with
    this colorful goodness.
6. Blue Athleta Tote Bag: I got this tote as a birthday gift and it is perfect,
    it can fit everything and more.
7. Patricia Nash Hand Bag: I hope this purse lasts forever. It looks better with age,
    holds everything and it's kind of like an old friend.
8. Vintage Teal Glass Vase & Air Plant: The sunshine lights up this vase on my widow sill,
    it is this beautiful shade of blue. In addition to a glass bottle collection I have, I am
    currently addicted to air plants and this one is my favorite one. Air plants last forever,
    need little attention and add some green to any space.
9. Eiffel Tower Sketchy Painting: This is a tiny little painting, every time I look
    at it it reminds of the artist market I bought it at in Montmartre, Paris. sigh....
10. Soda by Amy Woody Vase: This vase has great texture and such a natural quality. It's hard to
      believe it's made by hand of porcelain. It's one of those things I am happy to have in my house.

Monday, April 1, 2013

a year in mail

It's a year this week that I've been writing this blog. Not only have I posted something every week, I have also written at least one letter a week. In the past I have always had good intentions to send letters but could never find the time to actual do it. This year I made time and now it's kind of an obsession, a good, healthy, pretty inexpensive obsession. There are some amazing card designs out there and I look forward to seeking them all out. I think letter-writing is an art form and a lovely gift in the mail. I will continue to write and post all my favorite mail, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

photos of my outgoing mail.

yes, I still send snail mail & love it...