Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few of my favorite things

A few things I am in love with right now:
1. Hammerpress Postcards: these are the thickest, most beautiful
    postcard art around and make a great snail mail treat for anyone.
2. J.Kelsch Necklace: Handmade, hammered metal necklace.
   This necklace is gold, silver & copper and it goes with everything.
3. Vintage Ampersand collection: I really love a good Ampersand, the older the better.
     I love them all together and hope to one have a grand collection in all shapes & sizes.
4. BIG druzy & gold ring: I bought this ring while visiting Palm Springs California.
    It's big, it's sparkly and I love to wear it.
5. Washi tape: It's no secret I have a thing for Washi tape. Hopefully I'll soon start a project
    to use all my favorites but for the time being I will be adorning all my mail with
    this colorful goodness.
6. Blue Athleta Tote Bag: I got this tote as a birthday gift and it is perfect,
    it can fit everything and more.
7. Patricia Nash Hand Bag: I hope this purse lasts forever. It looks better with age,
    holds everything and it's kind of like an old friend.
8. Vintage Teal Glass Vase & Air Plant: The sunshine lights up this vase on my widow sill,
    it is this beautiful shade of blue. In addition to a glass bottle collection I have, I am
    currently addicted to air plants and this one is my favorite one. Air plants last forever,
    need little attention and add some green to any space.
9. Eiffel Tower Sketchy Painting: This is a tiny little painting, every time I look
    at it it reminds of the artist market I bought it at in Montmartre, Paris. sigh....
10. Soda by Amy Woody Vase: This vase has great texture and such a natural quality. It's hard to
      believe it's made by hand of porcelain. It's one of those things I am happy to have in my house.

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