Thursday, May 31, 2012

ceramic filagree canisters

 OK, I'm kinda obsessed with these fillagree ceramic canisters from Anthropologie. It's white, it's goes with every decor, and it's not something you see everywhere. It's technically a bread bin with a cutting board lid (yes cool!). But I can see many uses from coffee, to a rainy day money stash to a vase. Ya gotta love Anthropologie, they have some great eye candy!

Photo: Verdant Bread Bin from Anthropologie

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a little fatherly love

Father's day is right around the corner and I know you won't forget dad on June 17th.
Well here are some great cards to make Dad smile.

for the frugal dad: money themed letterpress card "best dad ever" from wiley valentine
for childhood memories of dad: found on from old school stationers
for the classic dad: "soap on a rope" from a.favorite design
for the dad you can't pinpoint: "father's day prix fixe" from mr. boddington's studio

Friday, May 18, 2012

lovin' these cast iron designs

I stumbled across this whale (on grassrootsmodern) and just fell in love with it. I love the look, it's iron so I'm sure it feels great in your hand and well I wanted to see more. I think it's great to have pieces around that you use all the time but are playful, fun or at least something out of the norm.

whale: from indigo
scroll: hand forged iron from wulflund
gadia bottle opener: from AKMD collection, designed by Ayush Kasliwal
heart in hand milagro: from Eleanor Brown Boutique
nambu tekki crow: from ideal
bird: from Eleanor Brown Boutique 
nambu tekki tools:  from uncommongoods

Thursday, May 17, 2012

clock art

I love having a clock on the wall especially if it's something I love to look at. This blue cukcoo clock is a craft project from sweet paul, isn't the blue so modern and fun? It was hard to choose but here are three more I just adore.

Paper Cukoo clock from
Nelson Sunflower clock from
Kirie clock from

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sweet, sweet paul

OK, I have been telling everyone who will listen about Sweet Paul Magazine (no I do not advertise for them). Maybe I'm late to the party, Paul does have 40,000 plus twitter followers....but I stumbled across this and fell in love. It is an on-line magazine and it is just beautiful. The photos, the etsy picks, the craft projects are all so inventive and stimulating to look at. This is one of those magazines you'll say "oh, I'm going to cook that", "oh, I'm going to make that", "oh, I'm going to buy that". And although you may never do it, it's great to be inspired.

Stamp Frame: is a craft project, so easy and i think this would be great in so many colors. You could do a whole series! I didn't realize my love of stamps until I saw this.
Asparagus Tart: Not only does this look good, I love the color palette.
Duck Egg & Pancetta Pizza: I'm sure it tastes good because this photo looks delicious.
Rosewater & Rhubarb Macaroons: Sounds delicious but I am in love with the illustrations to go with the lovely food.

Monday, May 14, 2012

today i'm feelin the yellow

OK, so yellow is so not my color but yesterday I took a leap and bought a cute bright yellow top I couldn't pass up. Now I am finding myself loving everything yellow.
1. these simple yellow stud earrings from ear sugar shop on etsy.
2. yellow tags for a pop of color on your lovely gifts from LBC paper shop on etsy.
3. 5 yellow painted frames would make a great wall grouping from MelissaP6908 shop on etsy.
4. Billy buttons in aqua vase, great color combo and these flowers are just adorable and modern from Maison De La Croix shop on etsy.

father of the bride

As I've said before, I have a thing for cufflinks. When I ran across these I thought they were the perfect little something for the father of the bride. The wedding usually comes down to the bride and what mom can help with so I just love these as an extra little somethin for dear ol' dad. Found on etsy at white truffle studio shop and the packaging is oh so adorable!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

dear swallow

I own an amazing pair of feather earrings from Dear Swallow. The jewelry is organic,
simple and special. Everything is nature inspired but with a modern flair, how cool is
this simple feather necklace? I'm loving Dear Swallow today,

Photoed above from Dear Swallow: Lily Pod, Bud Ring, Wishbone on chain, 
Circle Branch, Feather, Bud branch with moonstone drop and black pearl.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

end of a YEE-HAW era

Oh, I am so sad to hear Yee-haw press of Knoxville, TN is closing after 15 years. I have been a fan of their work for as long as I can remember. Their style is distinct, bright, vintage and all done by hand. I loved to look through their posters for inspiration and ideas but mostly in admiration. Their type is so cool, circus flair is always fun and their is usually humor thrown into the design. They have designed hundreds of music posters among other things. Well I for one can't wait to see what they do next but I will miss their amazingly unique style. Best of luck Yee-Haw greatness!

some motherly love

There is a mother's day card for every type of Mom out there and here are some favorites I found:

For the jack of all trades mom: World's Greatest Mom Circus inspired from
For a traditional mom, a special recipe just for her: Mom's recipe from
For the mom who enjoys a good pie chart that leans in her favor: Mom Pie Chart from
For the art savvy mom: Mom you're wonderful from
For the mom who knew how to make a brown bag lunch to make the kids jealous: Thanks Mom from
For the mom who wants a billboard with her name on it: Mother's day sign from
For the mom who is a saint: Mother of all mothers from
For the mom with all the wisdom: Yoda Bomb, mom from
For the every mom or the one who is hard to nail down her style: Filagree Mother's Day (with matching envelope) from