Tuesday, May 1, 2012

some motherly love

There is a mother's day card for every type of Mom out there and here are some favorites I found:

For the jack of all trades mom: World's Greatest Mom Circus inspired from afavoritedesign.com
For a traditional mom, a special recipe just for her: Mom's recipe from blackbirdletterpress.com
For the mom who enjoys a good pie chart that leans in her favor: Mom Pie Chart from greenwichletterpress.com/shop
For the art savvy mom: Mom you're wonderful from www.springolive.com
For the mom who knew how to make a brown bag lunch to make the kids jealous: Thanks Mom from www.printerettepress.com
For the mom who wants a billboard with her name on it: Mother's day sign from hammerpress.net
For the mom who is a saint: Mother of all mothers from afavoritedesign.com
For the mom with all the wisdom: Yoda Bomb, mom from dingbatpress.com
For the every mom or the one who is hard to nail down her style: Filagree Mother's Day (with matching envelope) from www.wileyvalentine.com

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