Monday, April 2, 2012

a few of my favorite things...

Here are a few of my favorite things that I wear, use or admire daily:
1. This lamp is from White Attic: it's vintage inspired, modern feeling and definitely a great show piece.
2. My "Everyday" bracelet: I wear this when I don't want to think but must accessorize,   I bought this at Chi-town's Festa Italiana- there are always great finds at the local fests.
3. Quartz Ornamental NOLA ring: my favorite ring, goes with everything, got this in New Orleans, love, love
4. Grandma Stewart's Hand Painted Glass Bottle: My grandfather brought this back from Paris during the Korean war, it's got a great story and I love to have it as a piece of art.
5. Squasht Gold Corduroy Hat: another fest find, this hat goes with everything, is super cute on and has with-standed years of me wearing it.
6. Dick Blick Pencil Pens: these pens are awesome! I can't help but buy these everytime i'm in Dick Blick.
7. Frye Nail Head Brown Leather Shoes: These are my kind of heels.
8. My pooch, Wynston: What can I say he makes life interesting and look at that face!

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