Thursday, March 14, 2013

do i need a globe?

My map iphone app just isn't cutting it, I want a real globe to look at, reference & 
figure out where in the world the Amazing Race teams are this week. But seriously, 
what a cool, functional piece of art and so reminiscent of growing up.

Vintage Replogle world nation 12" globe from Kathat Kreations $45  | Illuminated 10" Replogle library globe from
 Found Vintage Style $175 | Vintage glove bank from Bella Lulu $38 | Vintage stereo relief globe with stand from
 Amelia Jane Vintage $79.99 | 1920's black Replogle starlight floor globe from Haven Vintage $175
Cram's imperial world globe with stand from Industrial Relic $75

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