Thursday, December 13, 2012

snail mail love at postcrossing

If you are a lover of snail mail, you need to check out Postcrossing. It is such a great global project and it's all about sending and receiving post cards. The goal of the project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world for only the cost of a stamp & a postcard. The whole thing is based on give & you shall receive- I love that! Check out Postcrossing and send a postcard, really it's fun- think of the sweet sentiments & smiles your sending across the world.

Once you sign up and send a post card, Postcrossing tracks your cards- above is my map 
(I've only sent one so far but some postcrossers have sent thousands!). I got an address and a 
little information about the person who would receive my post card plus a code to track it. 
Here is the a.favorite design postcard I sent off to Rosrath, Germany.

Postcrosser event held in Baia Mare, Romania. They hung 400 postcards in the 
local post office received by postcrossers. See more about this event here.

Check out the Postcrossing Facebook page. Postcrossers from all over have been posting pictures of their favorite mail boxes. I love this one at the Vatican posted by Herald Ket- see post here.

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