Wednesday, December 12, 2012

is there an apron on your list?

I found myself shopping for an apron for a gift and coincidentally I have an apron on my
want list this year. I am one messy cook and an apron is a necessity. I've decided in order for
it to be practical it has to have a pocket, be a full apron (none of this skirt business), and
I've got to be able to toss it in the wash and know it'll get cleaned up easily.

Green julep petal pocket apron from Anthropologie $38 // Black & white Marimekko 
fokus apron from Crate & Barrel $49 // Upside down apron with cooking guide from 
Perpetual Kid $25.99 // Scandanavian tree apron from West Elm $12.99 // Color block 
cuisine coutoure apron from Anthropolgie $32 // Lemon slice apron from West Elm $14.99 
// Retro polka dot apron from Vintage Galeria $25 // Rustic denim apron from  
Meyer Textile Co. $48.50 // Retro red bow apron from Rosie Ann Shop $36.33 // Apron 
with built-in oven mitts from A+R Store $32 // Stripes abound apron from Anthropolgie $36 // 
Rustic kitchen workshop apron from Meyer Textile Co. $52

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