Sunday, November 11, 2012

the traveling notebooks!

This is such a fun & fantastic project, The traveling notebooks.  You sign up, receive one of 3 notebooks and one day a beautiful little, well-traveled package shows up in your mail box. I received the "snap" journal 2 weeks ago. It is a collection of photos and anything you'd like to write, doodle or add about the photo and you. There are some amazing snapshots and lovely people included in the journal. I just loved reading through every page and exploring every photo. Each journal is tracked via twitter at #travellingnotebooks & #snailmailisnotdead, or you can visit the blog here.

Here's what the Snap Journal looked like when I got it. The photos were great but reading about them was even better!

 It was hard to decide and I narrowed my photos to 3 of my favorite Chicago summer photos. 
I couldn't pick 1, so all 3 are now documented and traveling in the Snap journal.

Here it is, and it is now on it's way to @BeckyArblog in Leeds, England.

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