Thursday, November 29, 2012

i adore best made company

I was searching for some great guyish gifts and stumbled on the most amazing company and product line: Best Made Company. After wondering through their lovely website I am totally geeking out over all of their work. I never knew an axe could be such a beautiful, inspiring piece of functional art.
"We paint our axes as a measure of respect for this tool and all that it represents". See all here. 

These caught my attention and well, I do love maps as art! I will have to forgive Best Made Company & artist Nick Zdon for not including a Chicago in it's remarkable & cherished locations, however, there are many to choose from plus a national park series. The sentiment is great "Wonderful Forever" for our amazing national parks and "Everything here is Wonderful" for 15 great cities.
Printed on topographic United States Geological Survey maps by designer and printmaker Nick Zdon.                             City Series / $140. National Park Series / $250   

More cool stuff to adore at Best Made Company.
7" x 5" "What good..." enamel steel sign $28 // handyman in your pocket $12 // Musson's lumber & log pocket book $12 // the wonderful badge $7 // eucalyptus-cedar soap 3 pack $30 // campfire lapel pin $72 // be optimistic felt badge $5 // famous red notebook 3 pack & pencils $32 // playing cards $8

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  1. Awake super early - still on Paris time - and just lost 30 minutes of my life poking around on BMC's website. It's awesome.