Wednesday, January 9, 2013

today i'd like a mailbox...

So it's no secret I do love good ol' fashion mail. I am in search of a mail box for our condo to sit right outside our door and figured a cute, vintage mail box would fix this issue right up. I kinda love these but it's gotta be practical and not too expensive...some are way to pricey but they are great to look at.

antique cast iron griswold no.2 mail box from vintage keepsake $65 \\ art deco cast iron mail box from relics antiques $54.99 \\ vintage red mail box from lath and plaster $45 \\ cast aluminum mail box from the vrose $55 \\ vintage northwestern star mailbox from miliki $189.95 \\ 109 u.s. mail aluminum mail box from dawn's divine finds $24.95 \\ green vinatage griswold no.2 mail box from miliki $349.95

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