Thursday, January 17, 2013

oh sweet valentine

I just love a holiday that is all about sending & giving a sweet card. There are so many great cards to choose from! Do you have a favorite?
love meter from Permanent Collection // love note from Elum // heart doilee from Elum // sail away with my heart from Pup & Pony // letterpress hearts from Egg Press // wood grain heart from Sugar Paper // love letters from Papillion Press // hugs & kisses from Wiley Valentine // conversation heart mini tags from Dingbat Press // self mailing valentines from 1canoe2 // sweetie ornament from Hammer Press // perfect match from Ink & Iron // i love you pattern from Ink & Iron // you just know print from Dingbat Press

hugs & kisses from Hammer Press // faux bois note cards from Fluid Ink Letterpress // perfect pairs from Mr.Boddington's Studio // love makes the world go round from Mr.Boddington's Studio // love train from a.favorite design // i like you more than bacon from Wiley Valentine // you're the sherlock to my watson from Greenwich Letterpress // be mine note card from Starshaped Press // bee mine from elum // clams in love from Egg Press
 you are so very special from Enormous Champion // settle from Oddball Press // arrows from Hartland Brooklyn // you are one of a kind from Tuttalou Press // arrow candy container from d.Sharp // arrow card from Sugar Paper // wood you be mine from Lettuce Press // rose of my heart from Starshaped Press // w-2 from Oddball Press // valentine journals from Tuttalou Press // arrow card from Hartland Brooklyn // flower pink handwritten quote from Moxie Paper Goods

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