Wednesday, October 16, 2013

intellectual jewelry

On Project Runway this season, one of the designers used 3D printing to create accessories to compliment his line. I thought it was a pretty ingenious way to pair Science with fashion plus it looked so unique.  I was fascinated by the whole process. Honestly, it must be so fun to see a paper 2D piece come to life in 3D form. I was so excited to stumble onto this jewelry line by way of and I had to see more!

This line is not only organic, modern & just cool; every piece is based on nature. Nervous System "write computer programs based on processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry, and housewares". The jewelry is so sculptural yet wearable and it's affordable. Check out the whole line here & take some time to play with their Radiolaria to create your own biology inspired jewelry piece.
Silver vessel pendant | $300 \\ Diochotmous earrings | $35 \\ Folium series pendant | $70 \\ Parallel earrings | $40 \\ Radiolaria silcone necklace | $75 \\ Cellular earrings | $50 \\ Hyphae ring | $28 \\ Cellular pendant | $50 \\ 
Porous bracelet | $70 \\ Stainless steel ring | $40 \\

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