Wednesday, June 5, 2013

copper for 7 years

I am not a traditionalist when it comes to most things but I do love to celebrate a wedding anniversary with some of the traditional gifts. This week was my 7 year wedding anniversary "On the seventh wedding anniversary, traditional materials that were given are copper and wool while the modern materials are desk sets and brash"(from I always have a hard time finding something practical and making sure it's something my husband will enjoy. Here are some great copper finds.
Copper penny vintage bar set from Rambling Vintage Gypsy | $100
Moscow Mule mug set from Amazon | $116.39
Copper wallet insert from Snappin Engraving | $15
Emerson "Life is a journey" copper wall hanging from Bare Metal Designs | $24
Latitude Longitude copper band from Monkeys Always Look | $50
Recycled copper metal ring from Recycle Create | $75

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