Wednesday, May 8, 2013

family supper club

My family likes to eat, likes to talk about eating and loves to eat while talking about eating. Inspired by my foodie friends, I decided to take this collective love and formalize it. We are not fancy people so the group named it "Stuff your face supper club", this is not dapper dining- if someone has the urge to lick the plate then we know it was a damn good meal, right? I made these simple little supper club booklets to formalize our new club, so here we go.

There are six of us, each person chooses a restaurant of their choice. The only rule is you have to coordinate the reservation and rally the troop for your pick. Other than that you have to fill out a fairly simple rating sheet for each restaurant we go to. Each restaurant will get an average basic star rating and a average 1-10 rating. I will collect the booklets and tally our scores after each meal.

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