Thursday, September 27, 2012

my latest purchase, i know you're jealous!

I could not resist this crayola tower I recently found in the school supply aisle. Remember the smell of new crayons? Remember your favorite color (I always used up the silver crayon first!). I love the nostalgia of crayola crayons & I love having color surround me...I thought this was some great color inspiration. It's usable art plus it's fun to look back at the things that have inspired you & made you happy along the way. What was your favorite crayola crayon color?

Crayola Crayon Tower:
• 150 crayons, spinning tower & crayon sharpener
• old favorites like sea green, green-yellow, burnt orange, brick red, blue-green, periwinkle
• new favorites like metallic big dip o' ruby, metallic blast off bronze, wisteria, caribbean green, goldenrod, macaroni & cheese, metallic razzmic berry, metallic deep space sparkle

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