Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i am a journal junkie, can i give you a journal?

I love a good journal. I never leave home without my favorite journal of the moment and fill it up with everything I need to remember along with my daily to-do list. This journal from Compendium is full of surprises, I opened it up to find some of the pages have these great, sketchy, bright, hand lettered looking quotes. Not only are the quotes & artwork fun but practical- it makes it easy to find your page spot plus promotes your own positivity as you use it! Don't we all need a little positive reinforcement? Well we (Compendium & I) would love this notebook to be yours!  Yes, our first giveaway! It's easy, just respond to this post.

Win a Live-Inspired prize:
Comment on this post: the city & state that compendium is located, the first 2 people will get a journal (above) or a desk set (posted previously). First person to respond, gets their choice.

all my journals. journal addiction official.
additional give away. work-inspired desk set.


  1. Jaime! Thanks for sending me your blog! I love blogs, and I know I'll love yours, my creative fun friend. :) xo, jackie

  2. I love journals & I love Compendium!! They have great stuff. Next time I'm in Seattle, WA I need to visit their store!! ;)
    Loving your blog Jaime! I've already been inspired numerous times!

  3. Great job with the blog. It's grown a lot since the last time i visited. You have creative recommendations on how to best use unique finds. Btw, Compendium is on Seattle, WA. Chao! Faye

  4. thanks for taking part in the contest! we will send you some goodies right away. Robin claimed the desk set, Faye the journal is all yours. Hope you both enjoy them!