Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pop of red

It's summer, the strawberries are pure sweetness and I am lovin' these lovely pops of red! Red goes with every season and everything, it's always a good thing to add a little red to your day.

red clutch: Lemka's B-side
filigree red stone necklace from Rebel Designs: Fan Necklace
red & turquoise ceramic button: Laura Jaine Walker
bike hankie: The Honey Press
hot red heels from Anthropologie: Vallota Heels
embroidered summer bag from Anthropologie: Lanceolata Sling Bag
leather purse from Rebel Designs: Red with Studs
red & turquoise earrings from Anthropologie: Berry Cluster Posts
red leather wrap bracelet from Tokyo Bay: Angel in Red

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